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Customised Wedding Ceremonies

In the Alicante, Murcia & Valencia Regions of Spain

A customised wedding ceremony contains personalised highlights about the couple and their unique story.

Maybe you'd like to include how you met? The proposal? A romantic or funny anecdote? A little about your lives together and your plans? Why you've chosen a wedding in Spain? Some or all of these elements can be included in my custom ceremonies.

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A Personalised Wedding Ceremony

The thing about my personalised weddings is that they are created just for you and written around you.


  1. They can include as little or as much information as you want

  2. You set the tone - If you want it to be romantic or funny or both it's up to you

  3. We can still include all of the classic ceremony elements that you want (ring exchange etc)

  4. You get a little more time as my custom wedding ceremonies are usually between 20-25 minutes

  5. We usually interact a little more in the process to create these ceremonies click here for a guide to the process

Why Choose A Personalised Wedding Ceremony

Well it's your wedding which is a big thing right? Maybe you want the ceremony part of your day to be a bit more personalised to reflect who you are rather than resemble a template that others may follow?

It can be really magical to observe your guests as they listen to the highlights of your unique story. Some may not know how you met or how you proposed and during these parts of my ceremonies you can often hear a pin drop as people are eagerly listening and fully engaged with your tale. Or you can hear laughter as they react to an amusing anecdote. It is a very powerful thing when your guests can connect with you the people they know and love and what they hear in the Ceremony.


My Customised




​Here are examples of elements that can be included in any custom wedding ceremony.

  • Guest Welcome 

  • Welcome to guests in French/ Spanish if required

  • Music 

  • Bride(s)/Groom(s) Entrances

  • Personalised ceremony script including your story 

  • Guest Reading

  • Your Commitments/Vows/ Promises

  • Ring Exchange

  • The Kiss

  • Signing the Certificate

  • Bride(s) Groom(s) Exit

  • Confetti Moment


  • Usually we'll have around 3 meetings or consultations which can be done by call or in person

  • I'll make up to 3 lots of revisions to script​

  • The ceremony lasts Approx. 20-25 minutes

But remember, my wedding ceremonies are created just for you, if you'd like to add or leave out anything at all just let me know.

I can also liaise with your wedding planner and/or venue before the date 

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Customised Ceremony Pricing €550*
€200 Reservation Fee to book your date
€350 Ceremony Fee 6-8 weeks prior to wedding
*(2024 Pricing €550 - 2025 Pricing €595)

*To learn more about Legal marriage in Spain click the link below.

For advice about your civil wedding ceremony please don't hesitate to ask me.

My wedding celebration ceremonies can be held anywhere without restrictions of location, time or what is said. If one or both of you are not Spanish citizens then it's likely that you'll want to arrange your legal marriage nearer to your home to make it legal and official. To learn more, click the link 

 - click here for to learn more about legal weddings in Spain -

What's Included ?

  • Discovery meeting by phone, video call or if possible locally in person

  • My travel within 1 hour of Alicante City

  • Follow Up Calls

  • Liaison with Planners/Venues/Photographers

  • Vow and Reading Suggestions

  • Draft Ceremony

  • Delivery of Ceremony

  • Ceremony Certificate

I'm here to answer your questions about planning your ceremony in the Costa Blanca 

To Learn More

About my Custom Wedding Ceremonies in the Costa Blanca, Spain

Custom Wedding Ceremonies in Spain

Share a little of your unique story with your guests in your wedding ceremony with a personalised wedding in Spain. I'm a professional wedding officiant that creates magical personalised wedding ceremonies for couples who want to marry in Spain's Costa Blanca - Alicante - Murcia -Valencia

Contact me to discuss the process from here to "I Do"

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