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Celebrant Costa Blanca Facing the camera with the shimmering sea in the background holding her ceremony script folder

Bespoke Wedding Ceremonies

Across the Costa Blanca, Murcia & Valencia Areas of Spain

Let's go for it! A fully customised wedding ceremony gets the party started in style! 

For couples who want their ceremony to be entertaining, fun and certainly not dull! From a theme, to a sing-a-long to quizzes, to sand ceremonies and more. To involving and including children, family and friends in the ceremony itself. A Bespoke ceremony is one your guests are sure to remember for all the right reasons! 

Got your own ideas? Great let's chat and start creating the fun ceremony in the Sun you've been imagining for ages!

Only just starting and want some suggestions? Perfect just wait till I share with you what's popular and possible in your wedding ceremony.

Bride and groom with wooded background holding red and blue smoke flares with the coloured smoke rising in to the sky


A Bespoke Wedding Ceremony

Can include anything you've imagined or would love to do!

  1. Involving Family, Children and Friends

  2. A Ceremony with a Party Atmosphere

  3. Create a Sand Ceremony Keepsake

  4. A Theme, from Rock 'n' roll, to football, to Lego elements and cocktail making 

  5. Music and Singing

  6. Spanish Arras

  7. Flamenco Guitar

  8. A Mr and Mrs Style Fun Quiz

  9. Hand Fasting

  10. A toast!

  11. Coloured Smoke & Confetti

  12. Pets

  13. And much more! (I'm keeping my best suggestions secret though - contact me and I'll share!)


My Bespoke




As well as the fun, we can still include all of the classic ceremony elements that you want (ring exchange etc)

You get a little more time as my bespoke wedding ceremonies are usually between 30-40 minutes

Collaboration is typically required when crafting these ceremonies. For a comprehensive guide to the process, please click here.

The traditional aspects can still be included such as :

  • Guest Welcome 

  • Welcome to guests in French/ Spanish if required

  • Music 

  • Bride(s)/Groom(s) Entrances

  • Personalised ceremony script including your story 

  • Guest Reading

  • Your Commitments/Vows/ Promises

  • Ring Exchange

  • The Kiss

  • Signing the Certificate

  • Bride(s) Groom(s) Exit

  • Confetti Moment


  • Usually we'll have around 3-5 meetings or consultations which can be done by call or in person

  • I'll make revisions to the script​

  • The ceremony lasts Approx. 30-40 minutes

Bespoke means Bespoke! This page is just a guide and some ideas to get you thinking about your ceremony. Working together we can add, change or mix up the elements of the script to create what you've been imagining.

I can also liaise with your wedding planner and/or venue before the date 

Male couple at their wedding in spain one wears a dark green suit with bow tie and flower corsage the other wears a tan suit with same accessories.

Why Choose A Bespoke Wedding Ceremony

Making Your Wedding Uniquely Yours


Your wedding day is a major life event, and it should be a reflection of you as a couple. Do you want the ceremony to be more personalised, rather than following a generic template that others may use?

Some couples just want their ceremony to be so much fun and perhaps not what anyone expected. Maybe they want it to reflect their characters or passions in life. It's Your wedding day and you get choose!

Creating a Meaningful Connection with Your Guests through Storytelling, sharing your unique story with your guests is a magical experience. During my ceremonies, you may notice guests hanging on to every word, with some reacting in laughter while others are fully engaged and captivated. It’s a powerful moment when your loved ones can connect with you through your story, and truly understand the people you are.

Bespoke Ceremony Pricing €625*
€200 Reservation Fee to book your date
€425 Ceremony Fee 6-8 weeks prior to wedding
*(2024 Pricing €625 - 2025 Pricing €675)

*Here's a reminder that the fabulous wedding celebration ceremony that we create will not be a legally binding one, but it will be amazing! Most international couples that I work with arrange their civil marriage where they live before their wedding in Spain.

- Learn more about Legal Weddings in Spain - click here -

What's Included ?

  • Discovery meeting by phone, video call or if possible locally in person

  • My travel within 1 hour of Alicante City

  • Follow Up Calls

  • Liaison with Planners/Venues/Photographers

  • Vow and Reading Suggestions

  • Draft Ceremony

  • Delivery of Ceremony

  • Ceremony Certificate

I'm here to answer your questions about planning your ceremony in the Costa Blanca 

To Learn More

About my Custom Wedding Ceremonies in the Costa Blanca, Spain

Bespoke Wedding Ceremonies in Alicante, Murcia & Valencia

Your Wedding Ceremony - Your Way!

My Bespoke ceremonies allow you to get really creative with what you include, what order and the tone. Created completely from scratch for you.

Let's start your bespoke wedding ceremony planning!

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