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All About Symbolic Wedding Rituals

Adding meaning, interest and fun to your Spanish wedding

Do you want to add interest to your wedding ceremony?

Are you thinking of ways you can involve your family and friends in your day?

Do you want to make your ceremony fun and memorable?

Well, let's discuss ceremony rituals and how we can build them into your wedding in Spain

Symbolic Rituals can be included in Weddings, Elopements and when you Renew Your Vows with ceremonies created by me your celebrant in the Costa Blanca.

Explore Wedding Ceremony Rituals

Reasons to include a ritual in your ceremony in Spain?

Many couples choose to include a symbolic wedding ritual in their ceremony.

Rituals in weddings, although increasingly popular today have played a part in weddings across the globe for centuries and often their origins are deeply rooted in culture, 
history and folklore.

Couples choose to include a wedding ritual for many reasons. Here’s some of the main reasons why:

  • There may be a family tradition

  •  It may be a cultural custom

  • They have seen one in another ceremony

  • They add interest and can be entertaining

  • They are fun and enjoyable

  • They are something different

  • They connect with the symbolic meaning behind the ritual

  • To create a keepsake in the moment of the ceremony for the future

  • To include family, children or friends in your ceremony

  • To add a visual element

  • To reflect their personalities and things they like and enjoy

Whatever the reason, remember it’s your wedding day and your personalised ceremony my job is to help you to create the unique experience that you've imagined.

Symbolic rituals are not obligatory in my ceremonies, it's all about you and what you envisage for your wedding in Spain.


However, if it is something that you're thinking about, then we should talk about how I can bring interest and fun features to life for you and how we can blend them into the wedding script you'd like.

Symbolic Ceremonies in Spain

from Celebrant Costa Blanca 

Sand Ceremony Alicante heart vase with green and white layered sand
Wine Box Ceremony Spain bride and groom seal a wooden wine box
Symbolic Wedding Tree Planti by bride and groomng
Which symbolic ritual to choose for your Costa Blanca wedding?

Well firstly, my advice is to think about why you're considering adding a particular ritual. Ideally, it should blend with your wedding vibe, mean something to you or reflect who you are.

There are many different rituals all with different meaning and symbolism, some of the most popular choices for weddings are shown above.

Don't forget that you can take the principals of an existing ritual and make it your own by tweaking it a little. Or, for the creative types among you why not create something totally unique?


As your wedding celebrant in Spain I'm here to take your ideas and to craft a wedding that's tailor-made for you, incorporating meaningful rituals that resonate with your story. Let's sprinkle some magic on your big day!

Spain Beach Wedding bride and groom on the sand after their wedding ceremony
How to include a ritual in your Ceremony?

When and where should the symbolic ritual go in a wedding? And who should you include?

This is a classic case of "there's no one-size-fits-all!" Choosing where to sprinkle in those special wedding moments is like adding sprinkles to a cupcake - it's all about the vibe and feels in the air.

Some rituals naturally lend themselves best to certain key moments in a wedding ceremony. Like before or after the vows or ring exchange, but that said, things can usually be adjusted to suit what you prefer and work out just fine.

Rituals can be a really inclusive addition to your I do's and most can be adapted to involve friends or family. You can opt to keep it just you two, or who you choose to include is totally up to you!  

Fancy adding a touch of magic to your big day? Dreaming of a wedding ceremony as unique as you two? Let's talk and sprinkle some personalized charm on your special moment!

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