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The Ceremony Planning Process

How we work together

How does the process work? Is the second most popular question that my clients ask me about their wedding in Spain. After, The number one which sounds like "Aaahhh Help! How do I write my vows?" but that's another topic !

You want to know what you have to do?

How long it will take?

and, How I'll help you both?

This section outlines the process from "Here to I Do!"

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Relax! It's Flexible

Remember I'm guiding you through this! Lots can be done quickly on a call or by email etc. I work around you. This part can be fun .. yes it can, I promise!


The part that involves you most is writing your vows but I'm on hand to help you if you need it.

Take this as an at-a-glance guide of the process, that can be flexed to meet you and the type of ceremony that you choose.

  • Discovery Call/Meeting

  • Confirming Your Date

  • Couple Questionnaires (Custom and Bespoke Ceremonies)

  • Follow up Call 

  • Reading/Poem suggestions

  • Your Vows/Commitments/Promises

  • Music Choices

  • Rituals if Chosen

  • First Draft & Revisions

  • Ceremony Balance

  • Wedding Day 


How Long Does Your Part Take?

Simple Ceremony - 

  • Average 2-3 hours - from introductory call to writing vows - approving draft script etc (Remember this is from the time we have our first call up to the wedding day - so can be up to a year or more)

  • Many choose to take longer drafting their vows, but it's up to you.

Custom & Bespoke Ceremonies-

  • Average 3-6 hours - from introductory call to Questionnaire to writing vows - Ceremony Logistics approving draft script etc.

(Remember this is from the time we have our first call up to the wedding day - so can be up to a year or more)

  • Vow writing time - Depends if you're writing from scratch - a guide is a minimum of 1 hour and up to a few days, and anywhere in between.

  • Much can be done via email exchange and WhatsApp messages and spread over days/weeks

Youn couple sitting on grey sofa looking at their laptop they are on a discovery call with celebrant costa blanca planning their wedding in spain

When Do We Start?

  • Normally we start the scripting process 8-10 weeks before the date

  • Some couples choose to start sooner

  • Customised and Bespoke Ceremonies involve a little more interaction between us

  • Sometimes last minute is possible. As quickly as 2-3 weeks before the wedding (but not recommend unless absolutely necessary and my diary permits)

Concerned about what's involved? Don't be, I'm here to help- Get in touch and we'll talk about options and how I can help you to achieve what you need.

More Detail?

Discovery Call 

Normally due to our locations, we'll hold our first meeting via video call (I use zoom a lot), but if possible I'm happy to meet up locally too. 

The aim is to connect and get to know each other a little. Your wedding ceremony is a big thing and you should feel comfortable that I will look after you on the day.

I love hearing couples plans for their wedding in the Costa Blanca. What image do you have in your heads of the ceremony?

You’ll have questions I’m sure! And the discovery call is your chance to ask away.

Confirm Your Dates

To proceed we need to secure your dates. I will send you a ceremony contract and ask for a Retainer Fee to confirm your ceremony in my diary. 

From here we may not have a need to connect a great deal until 8-10 weeks before the wedding day but that doesn't mean that you can't ask questions and share ideas and thoughts as they come up. Some couples like to set up a WhatsApp chat where we can connect and keep in touch which can be really useful.

Let's Keep in touch

We can connect by phone/zoom and meet if possible so that by ceremony day we might know each other a bit and you can relax that you’re in safe hands.


You can always reach me to share any important updates or ask any questions. Don't forget to tell me if something changes. The Date and Time are really important.


Couple Questionnaires

If you're opting for the customised or bespoke ceremony then around 8-10 weeks before the wedding I usually ask both of you to fill out a questionnaire. This gives me a little more information to personalise your ceremony script and some of your story.

You can complete the questionnaire together or separately, either way works.

Sometimes couples like to have a call to discuss their responses at this point but that's up to you.


If you're thinking of including family or friends to share a poem or reading I can share suggested readings if that helps you and you can talk to them about what and how they want to read.

Your Vows, Commitments or Promises

It’s a good idea to start thinking about the type of vows or commitments that you’d like to say on the day and jot down ideas between now and then.


There are no rules, you can choose to say what you want to. Don’t worry if this seems daunting, I’m here to help and will provide you with some examples to get you off and running. I’m happy to read them through if you would like me to.


On the day you would normally read these aloud to your partner but I’m happy to help if you need or prefer it.

Ceremony Logistics & Music

How will the Groom(s) enter the ceremony space and who with? 

How will the Bride(s) enter the ceremony space and who with? 

Have you decided to include a ritual? For example, sand pouring, hand fasting or jumping the broom. If so, which is your favourite? I can explain all of the ones that I do if that would help?

Will you have a musician or would you prefer recorded music? What music would you like for which parts of the ceremony? Do any of your choices have any significance that I should mention?

Will there be a confetti moment?



Is there anyone going to be present at the ceremony that you would like to acknowledge/pay tribute to? (a person who introduced you/helped you etc)


Is there anyone special that can’t be there on the day that you would like to reference in the ceremony? (Family overseas? A love one who has passed away?)

Follow Up Call(s)  

​We can cover much of the detail on a quick call or via email/WhatsApp. If you prefer a call I'm happy to host one. I'll work around you.


First Ceremony Draft 

​From the information that you provide me with I create an outline of the ceremony structure, the script and the vows. We can revise these together over time until we have them just right. At this stage the ceremony balance is due for payment.

Week Before

I'll be in touch just to check on any last minute changes or if there's anything that you need to ask

Day of the ceremony 

I arrive 1-2 hours ahead of the wedding ceremony time. I'll check that everything is set up as we've discussed. I'll connect with the planner/photographer. I'm there if you need me.

The Ceremony

Let's do this !! 

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Planning Your Wedding Ceremony in Spain

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