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Wedding at the lake

Simple Wedding Ceremonies in Spain

Many of my clients just want something simple and elegant without fuss for their wedding ceremony.

For some, they are choosing to marry in Spain to escape the constraints of conventions and the latest wedding fads.

To be honest so many of the venues in Spain are so breathtaking that there is no need for any bells and whistles at all, let the scenery do the talking!

Of course you still want your ceremony to be special and personalised to you, but that doesn't mean it has be complex.

If a simple wedding ceremony is what you have in mind then here's an idea of how your ceremony could look.

Simple Ceremony Pricing

€100 Reservation Fee to book your date
€275 Ceremony Fee 6 weeks prior to 1st ceremony draft
(2024 Pricing €375 - 2025 Pricing €450)

15 Minutes 

My simple wedding ceremonies last around 15 minutes which is plenty of time for all of the classical elements you'd expect to see.

Your guests will be formally welcomed and your entry to the ceremony space marked as you wish.

Much of what is said throughout the ceremony will be along familiar lines to weddings you may have attended perviously albeit in a non-religious framework.

If you would like certain elements to be emphasized or the text personalised this can easily be done for you.

Ceremony Music 

You may like to have music to enter the ceremony space and perhaps for your exit too. This can be recorded or performed live by a musician. Either way I will co-ordinate this with you.

Ring Exchange 

The exchange of Rings is one of the most symbolic parts of the ceremony and always a lovely moment.

Classic Vows

Your vows or commitments can be traditional or personalised for you. I will provide you  with some suggestions to choose from or you can decide to write your own to each other. 


If you'd like a friend or family member to share a reading or poem this can bring a nice personal touch to the wedding, but is completely optional and the ceremony works equally well without it

Certificate Signing 

Signing the certificate is a concluding part of the ceremony.

This can be with or without witnesses or you may choose not to incude this in your ceremony.

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