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Handfasting Ceremony

A visual ritual that can be adapted in many different ways to ensure significance and meaning. A symbolic inclusion to your Spanish Wedding.

Wedding Handfasting ritual Celebrant Costa Blanca in green binds bride and grooms hands together with a silver cord

Handfasting or Hand-tying

Most have heard of the phrase "tying the knot" and it is from here that this ancient ritual has its roots.

Another fun, visual addition to your Spanish ceremony that can be creatively used to include special people and add real personal meaning to the couple through the use of particular cords or ribbons.

The art of hand-tying serves as a sacred rite, uniting two souls in the sacred bond of matrimony. Adorned with ribbons or ornate cords, the couple intertwines their hands, entwining the fabric in a manner that, when unravelled, reveals a symbol of eternity.

This visual spectacle unfolds amidst the ceremony, harmonizing seamlessly with the exchange of rings. 

In this ritual cords or ribbons are loosely placed over the hands of the bride and groom and are fastened at the end. 



There are lots of options for personalising a handfasting ceremony

  • Invite family, children or friends to add a ribbon over your hands

  • Use ribbons to match your wedding theme or bright colours

  • Use a plaited cord in colours that have significance

  • A tartan scarf or one with sentimental meaning

  • Special strips of fabric

  • There are different ways of tying the knot

  • A neck tie

  • Ribbons with adornments, trinkets and good luck sentiments

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