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Wedding Unity Sand Ceremony

A popular and contemporary wedding ritual choice with real visual impact and the opportunity to include family

Pink Sand Ceremony on Spanish Beach

Sand Blending or Unity Sand Ceremony

A sand ceremony in the context of a wedding usually involves the bride and groom pouring two different sands into a vase, bottle, jar or frame.

The sands symbolise the merging or mixing of the two lives and personalities into a marriage. The layers are blended but can still be seen separately and distinctly.

It can be a striking visual addition to an outdoor wedding in Spain and often creates interest amongst guests who may not have seen it done before. Of all of the wedding ceremony rituals that I do, this ones is always the most commented upon by guests and children love getting involved!


What's more it creates a keepsake of this very special day that will last long after the confetti has blown away. 


As with most ceremony rituals you can usually change elements to suit you and your story, here's some ideas for personalising a sand ceremony in Spain:

  • The bride and groom include their children 

  • Great for symbolically uniting blended families

  • Including parents of the bride and groom

  • Other family members

  • Inviting one or two special friends to take part

  • Use sands from the different places you come from or  special places that you have been to 

  • Use different coloured sands - to match your wedding theme, football team or just because you like them.

  • Use shaped vessels ( heart jars etc)

  • A personalised Vase

  • Use a shadow or box frame or a personalised one

  • Use a picture in the frame for the sand to fall in front of.

There’s no right or wrong way to do it, let your imagination roam free!

How to Include a Sand Ritual in your Wedding in Spain

Here's some tips on how to make this fantastic visual ritual work for you:

It can come before or after vows but most popularly, it's done after the rings are exchanged. It's a beautiful way to end the ceremony and is certainly memorable for all involved 

Things to do:

  • Discuss with your wedding celebrant (that's me!) your thoughts and who you would like to include

  • Try to limit the number of participants to around 6 if you can (it's possible to include more with a bit of logistics, it just adds to the time)

  • Decide on the vessel you'd like to use - if it's personalised be sure to order in plenty of time

  • Choose the sands that you will use  - if bringing sands with you best to check local laws for export/import that may apply

  • You need more sand than you might first think for some vessels 

  • Don't forget to tell any folks that you want to take part before hand and what they will need to do.

I can provide the materials for your sand ceremony prices are normally around €30 depending on the type of sand vessel you prefer- contact me for more information.

Sand Ceremony Inspiration

Here's some of my favourite examples from sand ceremonies. The real magic is no two are ever alike and there is so much choice in the vessels used and the sands. 

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