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The Bodas Queen : Weddings in Spain

Updated: Feb 18

Welcome to My Wonderful Spain Wedding World

Hi I'm The Bodas Queen (weddings queen), your bona fide Spanish wedding addict. Yup, not just any wedding for me, it's gotta be a wedding in Spain. Why? well, this magical country signed me up to a life of "Espana Love" way, way back when I first stepped my 7 year old feet on its land. Ironically, it was my Mum’s honeymoon, but that's another story! Anyway, ever since Spain has always been my first love.

Woman with heart baloons in Spain
I LOVE Weddings in Spain

The Spanish landscape and way of life have always enchanted me and made me feel, just, more me. After a year spent studying at the University of Oviedo in my early 20’s and summer work on the Costa Brava, my life was 100% going to be in in the Iberian peninsula. Errrm ..... intermission...... and some thirty years later that actually happened! A life in the corporate world took me around the globe living and working in many countries and my dream was paused for a while. But Spain has always drawn me back. My family moved to the Costa Blanca over 20 years ago which has given me another reason to spend much time in this magical country that just makes me feel so at home.

Anyway, back to weddings, right? I've always liked a wedding but only in recent years have I really begun to LOVE them! Coming from a large family, let’s say that I am a highly experienced wedding guest! It was whilst organising my own wedding back in 2015 that a change occurred. To be honest it was something I never expected to enjoy. However, my inner creative angel emerged big time, and I was hooked! After bidding farewell to life in the fast lane I've been working in and around the wedding industry ever since.

Spain DELIVERS+ as a Wedding Destination

Bride and Groom in Spanish Town
Authentic "Real Spain" Weddings

As a wedding destination Spain benefits from such rich diversity that no matter the dream wedding, there is the perfect location, venue and/or setting to make it happen. From beaches to Mountains, countryside to city and from rustic to modern Spain delivers across the board.

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In this blog I explore the current trends in the Spanish wedding market and profile the best that Spain has to offer couples choosing a destination wedding. Alongside there are handy hints and tips to making it happen and getting from the dream, to the day of “I Do”.

So, if you’re planning or even thinking about getting married in Spain follow me as I share secret insights and some of the immense fabulousness that there is to be found with a wedding in Spain. I promise that you won’t be disappointed!

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The Bodas Queen Spanish Wedding Blogger

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