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Symbolic Vodka Wedding Ceremony

A fun alcohol based ritual with it's roots in the East 

Wedding Vodka Ceremony.jpg

An ancient drinking ritual with a fun twist

The symbolism of this ritual links to the tradition of marking a life event with an alcoholic drink.  An alcoholic beverage is often used in many cultures and religious ceremonies.

This drinking ritual originates from Eastern Europe with informal references to it in a few countries and it's a good fun ritual both for the couple and the guests watching.

Here's how it works:

  • Two shot glasses of clear liquid on a tray or board are presented to the bride and groom to mark the end of their ceremony

  • The couple have to choose a glass knowing that one contains plain water and the other Vodka

  • The aim is to choose the glass with the vodka

  • Once each has chosen a glass a count down from 3 begins and the couple down their shots.

  • The tradition says that the one who had the Vodka shot will be the "boss" of the relationship! and will definitely get a cheer!


As with most symbolic ceremony rituals you can usually change elements to suit you and your story, here's some ideas for switching up a Vodka ceremony:

  • Prefer another tipple ? Why  not use gin, white rum, tequila Ouzo etc instead

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